Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grace Notes...

I actually wrote this as an email last August. But God brought it to mind again, reminding me that He cares about even the smallest details of our lives. As we get ready to celebrate Sweet K's second birthday, I am astounded again and again by His grace as He has walked with us through these past two years. So thankful. Just wanted to share.

Okay. Flash back.

Just over one year ago, we were sitting in the ACF Pediatrics waiting room, waiting to meet Dr. McLeod for the first time.

We were calm, cool and collected. We had no idea what was coming within the hour.

As we sat with our little clan, there were these "wandering minstrels," interns who sat in the waiting room playing guitar.

It was VERY soothing!!

Anyway, I remember they sang a particular song - I'd never heard it before, but when they sang "we're better together" - I knew they were talking about life with Kezzie :). 

Whatever was to come, we were better off because we were together.


Diagnosis. Tests. Appointments. These lyrics were still in my mind, and I searched and searched the internet to find the right song.

I even prayed that I would.

The wandering minstrels were never back. The internet was useless.

But God had decided to wait to surprise me with a little gift :)....

Okay. Fast forward.

It's today. I have a massage appointment - the very last one our insurance covers - and I am enjoying every minute of it.

My mind is whirring and stirring about chores and projects and this that and the other thing.

Thanking God for all the good things He's been giving.

And then - out of the blue - I started to listen to the music on the cd player.

It wasn't "the song", but the voice sounded .... familiar. (Odd, since those wandering minstrels were not very likely recording artists.) 

But somehow....

After all this time.... (and memory loss!!)

It reminded me of the lyrics from the day back in ACF pediatrics.

After my gal left the room (ahhhh, bless her soul, she is good at what she does!!), I got into my clothes .... and on a very bizarre whim (I'm not usually such a snoop!!), I went over to the cd player and thumbed through the few cds there.

Better Together.

1st song on the album.

Well, wouldn't you know........

I came home. 

I searched the net again.

And there, to my teary delight - you tube has the song.

Kezzie's song.

And here it is.

Bring your kleenex!!


Thank you God for the delightful surprises you provide every day. You care about the big things. And You bless in extraordinary ways through the small things.

Because - You are a God who cares about the fine print, the finger prints of life.


Thanks for listening. I just had to share.

Love Leah

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

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Anonymous said...

Well, I didn't even have to listen to the song and I had to reach for the kleenex. You have such a gifted way of writting things. God had blessed you with a very good gift. It makes you stop and think....yeah....we do have a pretty great God who cares about us even to the last detail. Thanks for the reminder. It's easy to take for granted.


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