Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It takes a village...

to ...
a) raise a child.
b) raise a child and his/her puppy :P.
c) raise a child, raise a mommy :), and keep the journey of life meaningful.

Today, I had the thrilling experience of sharing sunshine, laughter, a child's boundless energy and lunchtime conversation - all with another adult! Talk about a winning combination :). And yes, conversations come in bits and pieces between the lessons in sharing, snacks and one dear child tumbling down the deck stairs (mine - ouch!). But it is connection, it is real and it is good.

And once again, I am reminded that we are created to be in community and that while we are quite capable of slugging through things on our own, it is much more fun sluggin' it through with good company :).

1 comment:

~Noreen said...

Well said! I am often up for a chat if you are in need of some adult conversation :)


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