Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sweet humming birds!

I can still remember when I saw my first humming bird. My sisters, brother & I were hanging out with my Grandma G, whose gardens were spectacular. At least in my young eyes. Of course, those sweet flowers drew humming birds. She marveled at how fast their wings could move, how agile and unique they were. I was entranced.

Now, with my own kids, I find myself watching birds too :). Both our kids (and our pooch!) are avid fans of the feathered friend. We spot the colorful blue jay, friendly robin, vivid gold finch, among many others. Unfortunately, I am not educated in the way of bird names and habits, but it is slowly coming!

However, humming birds are not common on our little plot of earth. And I am tempted to put up a feeder just to attract these fascinating creatures.  hummingbird feeders has a ton of information, as well as feeders to choose from. 

Of course there is the traditional model,  however these are so cute too!! 

Our spring and summer months are so short, it seems. It would be delightful to share the warmth and sunshine with these beautiful birds!

A flash of harmless lightning, 
A mist of rainbow dyes,
 The burnished sunbeams brightening 
From flower to flower he flies. 
~ John Banister Tabb ~

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