Thursday, June 4, 2009

Survivor: Motherhood!

Well, it's the survival of the fittest around here some days! Every day it's game on - as we tackle the days together -- with a four year old pooch, three year feisty gal, and two year old sweet-but-teething toddler!

Reverse psychology is far trickier than it first seems :). Little M is quick to catch on when she thinks the wool is being pulled over her eyes. But ahhhh, Mommy can be sneaky too! Like when I get her to agree to something because it is "her idea." Or when I can get Little K motivated to do her development exercises because "they are so much fun"!  

They usually beat me on this one - however, every so often I experience a precious burst of energy and we run and wrestle and tackle on the floor before bedtime. Snack is usually a little later, but the laughter, the shrieks and the sweet sleep is so worth it!!

These kids have more energy than the annoying pink battery bunny, but this mommy has learned the power and beauty of the 20-minute snooze.

And the best part - no one ever gets voted off this island AND, on the days when they've stumped me on all the challenges, there is always tomorrow to try again!!

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michelle said...

I love this post. I have one that I just posted at my blog that is so related - more of a joke but you'll love it - come back over and check it out!


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