Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grateful + Attitude = Gratitude

I may have mentioned my .... ahem ... mild moderate obsession with the fact that I am very glad I am not a pioneer! This past week, I said it again and again.

We had fever-ville at our place. Nothing dramatic, really, for which I am truly grateful. But really, anything medical, involving fever and the possibility of visiting the doctor with my children usually ups my angst a little!! I'm sure with practice and confidence I'll become more comfortable with this, and it's getting better, but really, I don't like it much at all ;).

SO. I am VERY VERY GRATEFUL for these things :)....

#101. My trusty ear thermometer. No more wrestling with a thermometer in the armpit. No more waiting a torturous 30 seconds to find out whether or not the tylenol has kicked in. You can even sneak in when they are sleeping, get a temp reading, and administer tylenol accordingly with a little syringe ALL WITHOUT WAKING THE BABY. Have I mentioned I really appreciate this gadget :)!?

#102. We went through at least a bottle of this since Wednesday. With two little ones under the weather, it sure helped A LOT!! There are a variety of products out there, but this has been our stand-by drug of choice.

#103. Walk-ins. This time around, we paid a visit to the local walk-in. Sweet K broke out in hives twice, and it was time to get that checked out. Thankfully it was simply a reaction to her virus and nothing more.

#104. Safety for myself and the Little One. I hadn't thought of this before, but there are certain viruses that are not safe for pregnant women to be exposed to. Yikes! Nothing like discovering this after it would be too late!! However, we were not faced with those stresses this time around, and I am so grateful. Nor did I get the fever/flu that was going around. At least not yet ;).

#105. Sweet times in the rocking chair. Ohhhh.  It was 2am. Sweet K was shivering and shaking in her bed from being hot and cold at the same time. YUCK!! My mother-heart just melted. I don't get to hold her very often when she's sleeping (especially considering I used to have to hold her ALL the time to get her into dreamland!!), and this was a rare ... treat. Yes. Even in the middle of the night. Who cares!? I wasn't sleeping anyway!! So, to the rocker we went, to snuggle, sing hymns and enjoy the quiet together. It wasn't long before her body regulated and her breathing sounded fine, but I just couldn't put her down. Not yet. These days are going so fast, and she's growing so quickly, I found myself prolonging this time.

#106. Sleep. Can't run on adrenaline forever! I have dealt with insomnia and a variety of sleep issues for the past four years. I know the preciousness of rest! Yesterday night, when I could tuck myself in, fevers gone, I breathed a sigh of relief and enjoyed the break :).

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Chantelle - ThousandSquareFeet said...

Hey, that thermometer looks a little familiar!! :) LOVE IT!!


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