Wednesday, February 3, 2010


i knew even before my feet touched the floor this morning that it was going to be that kinda day.
after a fitful night's sleep (when sweet k LET me sleep!!), my spirit was full of angst and discouragement.
thunder clouds loomed large.
stormy clouds of frustration and heaviness.
"i'm not sure we're going to get there from here."
"i'm not sure i've got what it takes."
"i'm just not sure..."

sigh again.

i'd like to say it got better throughout the day.
it hasn't.
or that it will be "all better" tomorrow.
it won't.
my spirit may feel lighter and brighter but life's peculiar issues don't disappear so quickly!

in the midst of it all, i am thankful. for a husband who loves me. for healthy, happy kids and a warm, safe home. for family and friends who share this journey of life with me :). and so much more.

and for a LORD who continues to whisper even through life's chaos...
"...See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands..." Isaiah 49:16a.

1 comment:

Roo said...

i hear your heart friend. i am there too on soo many levels. thankful and not overcome...while learning to overcome. xoxo


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