Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Road To Easter Sunday...

Over the past few years, one faith tradition that has been regaining meaning and value for me is the season of Lent. A couple of years ago, we had the opportunity to spend time in Florida in springtime, and ended up celebrating Easter Sunday there. We attended a small church in a classroom in a school where every one knew every one and it was really quite fun :). However, there was no special joy, no distinct gratitude in me regarding the Easter festival, and I examined these feelings of hollow shallowness.
How can I honor so little the One who has given such a great grace?
How can my gratitude be so thin toward the LORD who continues to save, redeem, heal me?
How can I move towards "thank you"?

Each year that goes by, I "experiment" with Lent, refraining from certain activities, engaging in others. And each year I learn more than my heart can handle, more than I can pour out in my journal, more than I can ever give back. And come Easter morning, I find myself more ready to step out in thanksgiving and grace. What once seemed like an empty, dismal practice has flourished into a teachable tradition.

This year, my focus is drawn to the sin of complacency; finding myself too content to care. Too busy, too distracted, to focused on other (usually important!!) things or people, too divided. Things get ugly sometimes :), but the wrestle is worth it, as I search out issues of compassion, justice, care-filled responses to life's difficulties, the desire to live faith-filled.

And as I repent and lament, I remember that all we do is birthed out of a context of His great love. A few weeks ago, when the girlies were engaged in their valentines craft, I decided to do one of my own. It is a symbol to me for this Lent - no matter what service we offer, sins we confess, repentances and reconciliations are made, all is done within the context of how He has already loved us. It is astounding and humbling, as we move toward the cross and resurrection with faith and awe, rather than with shame and guilt and fear. It is a journey that invites me to die a thousand deaths to self, but in doing so, reveals abundant Life!

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Robin Fehr said...

great post! Nice craft-
I cannot imagine doing something like this in the company of Jaxson. It makes my head hurt just thinking about it.... Oh girls.... where art thou?....
I'll have to steal yours---

P.S. does giving sleep up for lent count?...


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