Monday, February 22, 2010

I swore to myself I wouldn't, but I caved :)....

I said I wouldn't.
How could I, with a baby on the way and all :)?
After all, planting season will coincide with due date, and let's just face it, gardening at 9 months pregnant is less fun than weeding for 10 hours straight!!! Not to mention that it might bring on labor, which I'm hoping will be a slower-and-steadier experience than the last sprint!!!

But I was looking for something mindless to read, and my latest seed catalogue was lying there, just begging to be read!!!
And now, instead of visions of sugar-plums dancing in my head, I have big dreams of fresh veggies, sweet fruits and big blooms. Sigh. 
I even caved in and made a "seed wish list." I haven't ordered anything yet. Yet. But I know I will. What's summer without a garden!?!

Allow me to clarify :) - I am not a hard-core gardener. I'm not detailed, nor a perfectionist, and I prefer to live by the philosophy of live-and-let-live, meaning that once it's been planted and somewhat established, I don't tend to do a lot of fussing. :). This also applies to weeds, which can get pretty big, but they add color, don't they :)? Ever since Jon lovingly installed a network of soaker hoses, and I have not had the burden joy of lugging around a sprinkler that never put water in the right place (usually all over me or my freshly cleaned windows, leaving them all spotty and gross!!), our plants have gotten significantly more moisture than usual :). And last year, since the sun rarely actually shone, it wasn't really a concern!

But I enjoy the dreaming. I LOVE looking at all the pictures, figuring out what to order, drawing up a little "plan" and seeing where it'll go. I love stickin' things here and there and wonderin' what'll happen next. I'm slowly starting to figure out what I like, what I don't, what works, what doesn't. And it's fun. And it's an excuse to get outside. And it's fun to show the kids. And hey, loads of fresh veggies that are just off the deck are well worth it!!

And these days, with my perennials and my little garden pots under 7 feet of snow, it's easy to wonder if it'll ever come. But it will. And when it does :), somehow or other I guess I'm getting out there and sticking a few seeds in the ground!!

Of course, I could be entirely sleep-deprived by the time that will come, and plant everything in all the wrong spots, and it could be quite the conversation piece :)!! Guess we'll have to wait and see!

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