Sunday, February 21, 2010

More gratitudes....

The thanksgivings continue...

#107 - For medical issues that end well! One week we had four medical appointments in four days. PLUS a trip to the walk-in on the weekend. There was a fair amount of stress involved, but by Friday, with all four appointments behind us, I was so grateful for health and all around general well-being! I just could not stop saying Thank you God Thank you God Thank you God. 

#108 ... For opportunities to connect - whether it is a lovely, lengthy conversation, or a short-but-sweet talk on the run, I am always grateful when I've had the chance to chat meaningfully with someone. The things I learn always seem to come at just the right time, the boost of encouragement or just the general sense of having an identity outside the home.

#109 - For my family. Not just my cozy growing family, but the family where I have my roots. We're a ruffian bunch sometimes, and there's always enough melodrama to create a small made-for-tv miniseries :). But we love each other, we're fiercely devoted to each other, and we're there for each other. And that's what counts :).

#110 - For finished projects. Lately I've been able to cross some biggies off my list, and it feels so good :)! It's hard for me to see a project all the way through to the end, and so when the end is not only in sight, but has come and gone :), I feel like celebrating! More posts on those to follow ;).

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