Monday, September 21, 2009

Gratitudes - Practicality

Okay. So I'm a bit tardy at this "Gratitude Friday" thing. It's so ironic - I used to collect clocks (still have most of them, batteries up 'n running, and at one time had almost 30 in one room alone!! I find it soothing - each one has a special tick. Others find it -- annoying :P). But I'm almost always late. It's a curse. I'll probably end up showing up late to my own funeral!!

However, my gratitudes are still very sincere. And I need to note them. Get them outside my head, onto something tangible, so I can appreciate them all over again.

When Little M was born, I had one very consistent thought. I thought it almost every day for a very long time. I have NO CLUE where this came from (or eventually where it went, although I still agree with it whole-heartedly...) but it was definitely there.

I am very glad I was not a pioneer.

I admit. It's a rather ... unusual ... obsessive thought to have. Probably unique to my own weirdness. However, it truly was pervasive! I think MAY have had something to do with the fact that I felt utterly overwhelmed with all the changes I was facing, and I couldn't IMAGINE doing this without modern conveniences.

So, this week's Gratitudes (which is really last weeks!!) is about ...
Giving THANKS for the PRACTICAL CONVENIENCES  of life that make my SAHM job so much easier (and even more fun -- sometimes :P).

1. Dishwasher.
I don't enjoy grubby dishwasher.
I don't dream of spending hours in the kitchen.
My dishwasher is my friend.
(Even when it rebels and doesn't quite get all the crusties off :P).

2. My laundry machines.
Our first summer with Little M, our dryer went on the blink.
Argh. I use cloth diapers, and somehow, with no sleep and a restless baby,
hauling out the clothes horse to dry all the laundry lost it's appeal. We went without it for an entire summer. Which isn't a bad thing. Now I might even line-dry for fun :P.
However, the result - we invested in front load machines that gobble up a delightful amount of laundry in one load. I am very grateful.

3. My van.
This afternoon, it was errand day around here. We left early came home well into the afternoon.
I am pooped :).
The thought of a restaurant feeding frenzy with the girls and myself was not ... appealing ... so I packed a picnic. True to MB style, it rained. NO PROBLEMO! I had already folded the seats away, spread out a picnic blanket and we had a tailgate party, mamma style, in the back of the van. The girls had a BLAST, so did I, it felt like such an adventure AND there were no bugs.

4. Screens on the windows.
No bugs. Or very few :P. In the house.
In this mosquito-infested fall, need I say more :P?

5. My deep bath tub.
It's not a place I get to visit often, but when I do, it's home-grown luxury at it's finest.

6. Running water.
Can you imagine carrying, boiling, storing, heating, rationing  -- water?
It's a gift.
And I take it for granted every day.
I am thankful for our clean, safe water.

7. My radio.
Whether it's a hip dance tune, a blast from the past, or a worship song that stops me in my tracks in praise, I love music. The girls love music. Even our pooch gets involved! We dance, we sing, we clap.
And every so often I listen to the news and weather too :P!

8. My computer.
One window into the outside world.

9. Controlled temperatures.
Whether it's enjoying my morning cup of coffee, before the sun is up and the family is stirring, with my feet nestled cozily over the furnace duct, or a refreshing chill after mowing the lawn in July, my home is comfortable. And I appreciate it.

10. Lights.
Whether it's ambient lighting (which we actually have very little of around here - any quick, easy, CHEAP suggestions :P), christmas lights, the quiet night light,
I am thankful for the ability to see when it gets dark.
Less stubbed toes.
(Well, except those frequent mid-night visits to K's crib when she's cranky - too groggy to open my eyes :P.)

I am thankful I wasn't a pioneer.


Chantelle - ThousandSquareFeet said...

Though sometimes I think I could have been a pioneer, I am grateful I am not. Thanks for pointing out those things we take for granted but which are so VERY helpful! Now, to get my hands on a front-load washer, that would be ideal! And so far from pioneer! :) Enjoy your conveniences!

Robin Fehr said...

I agree with you! I couldn't have done it! I would also like to add my microwave sterilizer! I know you boiled everything for an hour, but I hated doing that!
Thanks for the reminders, I should think of them more often!

Roo said...

heartfelt. xo


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