Monday, September 7, 2009

Little helpers!

We braved the b.u.g.s. today and headed out to the garden.

The glorious sunshine and nice breeze helped :)!!

Potato picking didn't take us very long today. Our 6 scraggly little plants did not produce an abundance of tasty tots, but what we did have we had lots of fun with!
I knew that I could dash outside, dig everything up, and have it in within 20 minutes or so. Little M (who was inside with Daddy) would never even know.
But that's the funny thing.
I would know.
I know how much she looks forward to helping in the garden.
I know that she diligently tucked each little gem into the garden back in spring.
I know that tasks with helpers usually end up taking more time, but they can sometimes be more fun too!

And yes, it was a bit more work, and some days I would've just done it myself.
But watching her expressions was so worth it!
You'd have thought that every potato was made of gold! She ooo-ed and ahhh-ed and exclaimed each and every one was big and beautiful!
And so we give thanks. Our little bucket was not overly full, but the harvesting MOMENT was abundant!!


Chantelle said...

And isn't that what it's all about??!! ☺

Robin Fehr said...

Jaxson actually helped me and mom dig up some taters yesterday too. He was more thrilled with the pitch fork than anything else....
little boys... little boys...

svea said...

you are a great mom Leah!


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