Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trip down memory lane...

Last week I had the wonderful privilege of spending an entire day out at my parents farm.
SOOOOo relaxing.
I just love driving down those country roads.
ESPECIALLY during harvest season.
Tractors out doin' their thing.
Gravel dust flying in the wind.
Total nostalgia trip.
Remembering Sweet 16, and totally glad I'm not there anymore :P.
Now that Little M has started preschool, she wanted to see pictures of her darling mama when SHE went to school. So, haul out the old photo albums.

Ooooh, baby. Eat your heart out :P!

Okay. So, I'm little, and the hair do ain't bad.
It gets better. Trust me.

I'm like, Grade 1 I think.
You gotta love those home grown perms.
I was teased for eons!!

Ahhhh. The mullet. Classy. With a perm.
Eeeeeven better.
Gotta love those fuscia earrings too!
Probably why I'm only starting to experiment with jewelry again
in my 30s.

THIIIIIIS is the reason I grew my hair long!!
Got tired of being called a boy :P.
Actually, it was quite traumatic.
But don't you love those faux suspenders!
Very trendy.

Yes. A trip down memory lane. What a trip it was. I laughed, I cried (from more laughter) and swapped stories with my mom and daughter.

It was a good childhood. Enough trauma to keep it interesting but all in all survivable.
But have I mentioned I'm glad I'm not a teen anymore :P?


Chantelle - ThousandSquareFeet said...

See, now I just cannot understand why you were mistaken as a boy. You look feminine to me! And it is a little scary how similar our hair was (and is, for that matter - well, it's not scary now!). Memories! Gotta love em!!

Robin Fehr said...

Wow! I actually remember you in those funky styles! Do you think they'll ever come back?
Atleast you can say you have a hot haircut as of now!!

Roo said...

you are the cutest little thing EVER!


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