Friday, September 25, 2009

Gratitudes - Things that make me chuckle :)....

Today I was (am) grumpy!!
It was a wrong-side-of-the-bed day around here. 
Which, I am learning, is okay.
It really is.
Because they usually only last a day (unless I can listen to MY music at MY volumes, then it's even shorter :P).

SO, on days like today, I am thankful for ....


1. Story-swapping...
The old-fashioned, girl chatter where you laugh so hard you cry over stories of days gone by.

2. Embarrassing moments...
Like when you fall down the stairs at work while trying to look "professional".

Or walking into that same workplace humming a tune, having no idea WHERE it came from, only to realize much later that it was actually off a "Viagra" commercial!!

Getting stuck in a too-tight turtleneck sweater, in a change room, when you're all by your lonesome self, and your arms are waving wildly above your head, and when you finally pull a Houdini and get out of the aforementioned shirt, your hair is wild and your make-up is a serious clown situation!! And then realizing, that while you were in the change room all by yourself, you were TALKING to yourself, loud enough for other shoppers to HEAR you as they witnessed the failing hands (the ones attached to the arms stuck above your head) from over your change room door. AWkWard!

3. When Little M says the funniest things...
Asking me, while driving down the street on our bikes, if the small seat hurts my bum.

Asking me if God's special mission for David included finishing all of his supper.

"Mommy, K and I are having a conversation, and I’m telling her that God says we need to get along!"

4. Music...
Oooh. There are some tunes that bring back memories. Petra's "Love" reminds me of roller-skating in Gr. 8 (social event of the season), having my friends dedicate this song to me and some poor fellow from our group, us "couple skating" and me falling flat on my bum in front of every one!! It also reminds me of a time a friend asked me to sing at her wedding, and I (stupidly) agreed. It was tragic. Or some Brooks 'N Dunn - and me and my sisters video taping ourselves making music videos. (We were old enough to know better :P). And on...

5. My sports ... attempts....
As I've mentioned before, I am not athletic. I don't claim to be. But they do make me laugh!
Like getting stuck on the ski lift, only to have the whole production shut down, I get lifted off (pretty awkward with skis attached!) only to slide into a fence and my skis get all tangled and my friends (bless their loyal hearts) come and get me out!

I played basketball. Got a little confused. Got a break-away. Went for a lay-up. Missed. On my own basket. ooooooh. Double-whammy.

Tried volleyball too. Something about trying to get the ball over the net was a bit cumbersome for me.
And then, baseball. My "career" was cut short by a bee-incident. They sent me to outfield (where I could do the least damage) where somehow, by some twist of fate, a bee flew up into my one-piece shorts outfit (I was young, I wouldn't have pulled that off past gr. 3!!) and stung me three times. I looked like a maniac out there, dancing around with those failing arms again. No shame.

And soccer ... and badminton ... and tennis ... can't say I didn't try :)!

6. J & I
J & I have very different senses of humor. So when one of us finally cracks a funny, and the other finally gets it, and this happens relatively at the same time, the result is pretty hilarious!

7. My pooch.
Right now he's sportin' a big orange spot on his leg. A first we thought it was blood. No. Sauce from the dinner table? Nope again. He found some dry orange craft paint, laid down, and somehow it transferred to his fur. He looks pretty funny.

8. Sometimes, when I'm all by myself, I laugh hysterically.
I think the people in the other cars at the stop lights probably think I'm odd.
They're right :P!

9. I still laugh out loud at movies and cartoons. Animaniacs will always be one of my favs :).

10. Life in general. There are so many things in life that you just gotta shake your head, and choose, will I laugh or cry.....


Chantelle - ThousandSquareFeet said...

Things that make me laugh (in no particular order):
1. Leah
2. Leah
3. Leah

Roo said...


Josephine said...

too funny!!!!!! I like the bee thing. my fav!


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