Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Days like today remind me that in spite of all the education and effort I've invested into working with anxiety rather than letting it direct all of life, I still have some work left to go. Sigh.

Anxiety is my Achilles' Heel, my way of coping. Sigh again.

It is discouraging when I realize that I've chosen (again)...
... fear over faith...
... worry over worship...
... and that I've worked myself into quite a snit before I 
     walk and pray.
          sit and pray.
               work and pray.
                    stop and pray.

And then I get up.
Try again.
Start again.


Robin Fehr said...

Sounds like the type of day that I'm having, except that I haven't got to that 'good part' yet!
Thanks for the post, it is a great reminder!

michelle said...

Days like this happen. I too struggle with the anxiety - its ebbs and flows into and out of my life - some days it kicks my butt but the more I just acknowledge it and then move on with my day the less of a hold it seems to have on me.

Here's to a better tomorrow!

a very sweet life! said...

Here here!!!


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